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Hosted by marketing expert Davida Gragor

Join me for this one-day hands on workshop on how to create a blog that you love that brings you the income want.

As a beauty blogger and makeup artist I was named one of the Top 100 Beauty Bloggers and Consumer Influencers worldwide; twice. Now I help other women in business identify their brands and build their business through strategic coaching. I realized that teaching others tips and tricks about eyeshadow was great, but showing them how to live a life they love was amazing.

I'm passionate about helping others succeed and I've created this course for anyone that is interested in learning how to start a blog, increase the traffic to their blog, or is ready to take their blog to the next level.

In the course we'll cover everything from launching a blog, marketing and branding, content marketing and SEO, leveraging your social media to drive traffic, to how to effectively use your email list to make a profit.

This one-day only course will include:

  • Picking the type of blog you want to write
  • Choosing a category to write about
  • Finding your niche and developing your voice
  • Identifying your ideal audience
  • How to find topics to write about
  • Batching and scheduling your content
  • Technical setup using Wordpress and plugins
  • Create your brand basics
  • What is content marketing?
  • How to increase your SEO
  • How to create a media kit
  • Which social media to use and how to gain followers
  • Email marketing 101. How to build your list and what to do once you have it.

About me:

Toronto-native Davida Gragor is an award-winning marketing expert and certified event planner with over a decade of experience. She uses her way with words, and lifetime in the entertainment industry, to help others discover their inner star as a strategist and public speaker. She is passionate about working with others to live their happiest, most successful lives, and believes this happens when mindset meets planning. A former makeup artist and beauty blogger, she’s previously been ranked as one of the Top 100 Beauty Bloggers and Consumer Influencers worldwide; twice. In her down time she’s a fitness fiend, avid basketball fan, and all around sassy-pants.

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